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Vita Thorpe – The value of simply being

I was five years old  I have the head full of really curly hair and my mother is quit fair skinned and all the of my mothers side of the family is all quite fair skinned. But I’m not. And everybody was constantly commenting how dark I was. I grew up in Texas. It’s sunny I’m out all the time. And comments on how tightly curled my hair  was and I remember sitting in a class room and a kid pulling it ( a curl) and springing back. And it was so much fun for everybody to do that. Ok , like Solange „ Don’t touch my hair „ We get it . Like don’t touch my hair.

A selected visual concept diary, picked out for you to get inspired.

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Who are we?

Your body your voice.

In our own bedrooms we are creating images through which girls and woman all over the world are reshaping the meaning of ” sexy”.
Making our collective voices heard due to the opportunity of social media.
A new generation of girls and woman are defining themselves through who they want to be and NOT how they look like.
And whilst leading by example, these women are reframing the conversation.


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