Welcome to LÖV

First of all I had this feeling of being left behind. In relation to what the female beauty and body represent, I was craving for something I couldn’t find in the market. Hence I was feeling left out or spoken down to by the standards of female focused industries and by the pre-existing platforms that are out there.

Globally I am observing this shift in what sexuality means. Due to social media and the opportunity to make our collective voices heard.
Through images we create in our own bedrooms, girls and women all over the world are reshaping the meaning of „sexy“.

As a result a new generation of girls and woman are defining themselves through who they are, who they want to be and not how they look like. And these women are reframing the conversation whilst leading by example.

LÖV acts as a sort of underarmour.
Design that supports you on your way while you achieve your goals. Also pieces that reinforces the life you aspire to have.

If this means you have to run errands, jump on planes, go from morning meetings to after work parties or just enjoying a binge marathon on Netflix, so be it.

You are the real woman and it is the real woman who is admirable and should be celebrated. And not a photoshopped fantasy of what sexy used to mean.
We create pieces that are designed to empower you, rather than trying to force and mold your body into a shape that is compromised by sexist standards and unrealistic expectations.

LÖV’s underwear is made to move and adapt with you, your choices, your lifestyle and your dreams.
Finally there is nothing more attractive than confidence.

Our Motto :



Maike Lüdenbach