Who are we?

Your body your voice.

In our own bedrooms we are creating images through which girls and woman all over the world are reshaping the meaning of ” sexy”.
Making our collective voices heard due to the opportunity of social media.
A new generation of girls and woman are defining themselves through who they want to be and NOT how they look like.
And whilst leading by example, these women are reframing the conversation.

What we do :

Consequently LÖV’s mission is to be the answer to woman’s demand for comfort. Underwear that reinforce the life you are aspiring to have.
Therefore we have designed pieces to make you feel empowered and support you on your way to achieving your goals.
If this means you are running errands, jumping on planes, going from morning meetings to after work parties or just enjoying a binge marathon on Netflix, so be it!

Why we do it ?

Most of all LÖV’s underwear moves and adapts with you.It´s all about your choices and your dreams.
We believe that there is nothing more attractive than your confidence.

¡You are the real woman who is admirable and should be celebrated!

Our Motto :